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Under a Withered Branch


Released : 27/02/2010
Type : EP
Length : 35:02



Released : 27/02/2010 | Type : EP
Length : 35:02 | Format : CD/Digital
Labels : Trinity Records


M.pneuma(Vo) / Gash(Gt )/ Senyt(Gt)/ Sacrespond(Violin)
Reverof(Bs) / Confyverse(Dr) / Adornance(Key)

Track List
01. Crypts Of Eternity (Slayer cover)
02. Perfume Of Death (Atmospheric Conversion)
03. In The Anguish Of Calm (Re Attempt Suicide)
04. Through The Mist That Reigns (Atmospheric Conversion)
05. When The Cape Of Heaven Appears

Recorded by Lord Han
Recored in RED HOUSE, Seoul, Korea
Mixed and Mastered by Lord Han
Mixed and mastered at RED HOUSE, Seoul, Korea

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