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2019년 September 19일 / 5:00 pm /

Horns up! It’s been a long time, the sons ov The Lord ov Shadows. It is the time to spread darkness…

European Eclipse Tour 2020

2020년 February 15일 / 12:00 am /

ALL HAIL! Dark Mirror Ov Tragedy will spray dark seeds all over Europe for the first time. We will join on Feb 15th and be a part of the tour till the last show in Warsaw on Feb 24th!

Hammersonic festival 2020

2020년 March 27일 / 12:00 am /

Mantap! Jakarta! Finally we bring you darkness with The Lord Ov Shadows to the paradise of metal. See you very soon maniacs. IN SEARCH OV THE SHADOW ONE BECOMES THE LORD OV SHADOWS WAIT FOR HIM IN SILENCE.


2019년 December 14일 / 8:00 am /

Here comes the last show ov this year. Wait for him silence. IN SEARCH OV THE SHADOW ONE BECOMES THE LORD OV SHADOWS WAIT FOR HIM IN SILENCE.

Horns up Taiwan! This weekend!

2019년 September 21일 / 8:00 am /

Horns up Taiwan! This weekend! Congratulations on the 10th anniversary of Bloody Tyrant, the friend of Dark mirror ov tragedy, and deep praise for their 10-year journey. The Lord ov Shadows also praise them and will soon go to Taiwan to bless them.


2019년 March 23일 / 5:00 pm /

It took 10 years – Dark Mirror ov Tragedy is coming back to Hong Kong after the band’s first show abroad in the island in 2009. We are so glad to visit Hong Kong again with our old friends Ethereal Sin.

Hellride 2018


2018년 December 1일 / 12:00 am /

The return ov HELLRIDE, one ov the best Korean metal show. Dark Mirror will blast out the show with great band! Stay Metal, Korean Metalheads.