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The Pregnant of Despair


Released : 01/09/2009
Type : Studio
Length : 1:13:50



Released : 01/09/2009 | Type : Studio
Length : 1:13:50 | Format : CD/Digital
Labels : Trinity Records


M.pneuma(Vo) / Gash(Gt )/ Senyt(Gt)/
Reverof(Bs) / Confyverse(Dr) / Katastroph(Key)

Track List
01. The Formative Period
02. Ashen Requiem, A Dirgeful Grace
03. Mournful Death To Everyone
04. Proceeding Into Somewhere
05. Angel’s Ascension
06. Blood Embracing Stigma
07. The Inevitability Gash
08. Feed The Fire In A Blind Alley (Conclusion Of Subjective Compulsion)
09. Prelude For The Sphere
10. The Pregnant Of Despair (Lord Ov Shadows #2)

Recorded by Lord Han
Recored in RED HOUSE, Seoul, Korea
Mixed and Mastered by Lord Han
Mixed and mastered at RED HOUSE, Seoul, Korea

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