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2019년 September 19일 / 5:00 pm /

Horns up! It’s been a long time, the sons ov The Lord ov Shadows. It is the time to spread darkness…


2019년 December 14일 / 8:00 am /

Here comes the last show ov this year. Wait for him silence. IN SEARCH OV THE SHADOW ONE BECOMES THE LORD OV SHADOWS WAIT FOR HIM IN SILENCE.

Hellride 2018


2018년 December 1일 / 12:00 am /

The return ov HELLRIDE, one ov the best Korean metal show. Dark Mirror will blast out the show with great band! Stay Metal, Korean Metalheads.

mullae metal city

Mullae Metal City 2018

2018년 September 8일 / 12:00 am / Seoul

Here comes the great Show, MMC 2018, Mullae Metal City!!! This is Dark Mirror’s first show ov THE LORD OV SHADOWS Tour in Korea! See u there metalheads!!!


HELLRIDE Resurrection vol.9!!

2015년 April 25일 / 8:00 am /

HELLRIDE Resurrection vol.9!! 2015. 4. 25(Sat), at Prism hall​​ with ​​Fecundation Hammering Manixive Dark Mirror Ov Trageedy Method CRASH