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    • INSOMNIUM japan Tour 2015 [5/8(osaka ) ~ 5/9(Tokyo)

      We are going to perform together at Insomnium Japan tour.

      We are really looking forward to meet you guys again!!! 

      Let's meet at Osaka and Tokyo !lml


      05/08(Fri) OSAKA -Shinsaibashi Drop

      05/09(Sar) Tokyo - Ikebukuro KINGSX


      More information 



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    • HELLRIDE Resurrection vol.9!!

      HELLRIDE Resurrection vol.9!!

      2015. 4. 25(Sat), at Prism hall​​





      Dark Mirror Ov Trageedy








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    • The Lunatic Chapters of Heavenly Creatures Live in Seoul
    • Hi! We are Dark Mirror Ov Tragedy.


      Coming February 28th at the Seoul Dream Hall we are doing the exclusive concert to


      mark the 12th anniversary since our band formation and 10th anniversary since

      our debut album has been released.

      The first exclusive concert in 5 years makes us excited as well.

      We are doing our best to show the new performance that could not be seen during that period.

      Guests will be the band of our Japanese brothers 'Ethereal sin' and 

      a perfect Korean authentic heavy metal band 'Won'.

      Reservation and detailed information will come on Monday next week.

      We are looking forward to your interest!